Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Jokes on Us, Or Is It? 2012's Top April Fools Pranks

Movies: Tony Nunes shares some of this years best April Fool's Pranks, and some real news that is too absurd to accept as reality.

Last Sunday was April Fools Day, the one day of the year when gullible people across the globe fall victim to some of the strangest news online. The entertainment world loves this stuff, and this year loads of news sites, blogs and companies latched onto the day, pulling their own pranks and releasing their own faux news items to a surprisingly trusting audience. As often happens on the world wide web, a few of these items, one in particular, were picked up and rehashed around the interwebs like true pieces of breaking news. Don't people know not to trust anything on April Fools Day? 

There were a number of notable pranks this year, but the best of the best were all TV and movie related. You may not believe it, but Film nerds tend to get overexcited at times, and Sunday proved no different. However, amidst all the faux news, two movie news items came out this week that had all the makings of a prank, but were sadly true. The joke was on us as Universal and Montecito Pictures announced that they have a sequel to the 1988 Ivan Reitman hit "Twins" in the works. The sequel, to be called "Triplets" will again star Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger as twin brothers Vincent and Julius, only now they find out they have a third brother to be played by Eddie Murphy. Yeah, that's no joke. The other ridiculous item came with the release of the trailer for "Ted," the upcoming Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) directed film starring Mark Wahlberg as a Bostonian with a vulgar teddy bear best friend voiced by MacFarlane. The trailer, released on 4/1 seemed so bizarre that it had to be a joke right? Nope. 

Check out my three favorite April Fools pranks from Sunday after the jump. 

My personal favorite was Criterion's announcement of the release of "Ivan Reitman's landmark KINDERGARTEN COP on Blu-ray and DVD." They promised that the film would get the Criterion treatment with incredible special features like an "audio commentary featuring Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, author of It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Can Teach Us." Pure genius, and to top it off, they created this amazing cover art (shown to the left) that I'm sure they could successfully sell as a poster of on their site. I might even buy one.

LA's Gallery 1988, the center for the greatest in pop-culture art including the famed Crazy 4 Cult series announced a special exhibition that was set to start on Sunday evening. The show was announced to be an exhibition from over 100 artists celebrating the TLC series "Toddlers & Tiaras," the most deplorable thing on television. If you believe that 100 artists would devote their time to celebrating the kitsch exploitation of child pageantry, you were surely saddened by the realization that the show was in fact a prank. See the fake sample artwork to the left.

A prank is particularly successful when it manages to cause repercussions that rumble across the web. Film site Worst Previews initiated such a prank by announcing that James Cameron was interested in making a sequel to Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel "Prometheus." Cameron sequelized Scott's "Alien" with"Aliens" so this news item came with a plausible history behind it. The fun really started when the The Guardian picked up the story, thus causing Hollywood insiders Deadline to pick it up as well. When Deadline picked it up, the story exploded across the web as an actual news item. Well played.


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