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Live From Geek Mecca: San Diego Comic Con 2012 Day 4

Comic Con 2012: Leonard Xavier Schwartz blogs live from his final day at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Playwright and Screenwriter (Murder University) Leonard Xavier Schwartz live blogs from the final day of Comic Con 2012. Sharing his favorite and least favorite moments, Lenny recaps this years Comic Con and dwells on the true spirit of the comic geeks and movie nerds who call San Diego home for one long amazing weekend each year. Read Lenny's recap after the jump and stay tuned later this week for some comic, TV, movie and video game highlights from this years Con here on Dreaming Genius. 
Today was Sunday at Comic Con...usually known as SUCK DAY.

You see, Sunday is usually KIDS DAY at the CON...meaning the celebrities, big name writers and artists are gone, leaving just stuff for kids to do.

Except it was AWESOME.

And why?

Well for one thing, I have a two year old daughter Callie who makes everything fun. And today was her Disneyworld.

Everything for fun. We met animators from Phineas and Ferb...she saw" Bob-bob-Squarepants" as she calls him...and there were a ton of people.

But there were still celebrities around...mostly 4th rate celebrities. I talked with Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica and NOT the naked loon from Survivor) a bit...and he is so into it it's awesome. I also talked to actor Chris Warner who is nice but NUTS...he saw my badge and wanted me to write him a spec script for a Punisher film...starring him. Even though he looks nothing like the Punisher and nobody is funding it. He wanted me to meet him later and "smoke a bomb" with him and do some improv. In his hotel room with him and the girl he's with.

Now let me be clear: I don't think he was inviting me to a threesome...I think he was honestly going to have me over, dress up like the Punisher, and repeatedly fuck me up until I told him where the drugs were. Then I think he was going to shoot the girl he was with and break character and him and I would have to dispose of the body.

But it's Sunday. Breaking Bad is on tonight. He should have asked me yesterday.

But it was a lovely day...I got to talk to Ed Piskor some more...and Reggie Bannister from Phantasm.

I talked to a few more artists, and then met up with Craig Thompson who is AMAZING (check out his book Blankets and Habibi...just wow)

But it was a nice calm day after the chaos of the last three. It was the best Suck day ever.

Well, there's that and I saw fifteen minutes of The Hobbit. But don't ask me to tell you how I managed that;)

ALL RIGHT!! Here's the wrap up!! Here's the best stuff I saw from the last five days!! As well as the worst!

BEST FOOD: The Django Unchained promotional booth offsite. They had Jack in the box Burgers and all sorts of stuff as well as...

BEST ICE CREAM ACCORDING TO MY TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER CALLIE: Django Unchained booth . Hands down. We went back twice.

MOST DISTURBING THING I SAW: The Church freaks holding the signs telling Comic fans to "Repent or go to hell." That "Homosexuality was wrong." That we are all going to hell. I thought it was a marketing scam at first. Nope! They were real!

BEST THING I SAW: On day three there were fans holding signs opposing the church saying "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!" and "GALACTUS IS NIGH!" The best one I saw is a sign that said "I'm a man who reads comics and fucks other men." The police even were laughing.

BEST PANEL: Expendables 2...tragic what happened to Stallone again...but the panel was tops. Elysium was a close second.

WORST PANEL: Jake Gyllenhaal and the new Silent Hill film shit thing. The footage was shit...and they knew it.

BEST COSTUME I SAW: Dark Helmet from was perfect.

WORST COSTUME I SAW: Shitty fucking Jokers everywhere. Runner up: Shitty fucking Banes everywhere.

BEST COMIC CON MOMENT FOR ME: Having a professional badge and them telling me I don't have to reapply till 2016...and even then it's a formality. Just wow.

WORST COMIC CON MOMENT: Going up to people I respect and once they see I have a professional badge they treat me differently...mostly because they think I may be able to give them a job :(

The week started off with me sharing a ride to the convention center with three people from the press (I won't disclose which ones...they have actually covered me at one time without them knowing it). These three people, which consisted of two bearded, smelly guys and one girl who had more facial hair than them, were such assholes...putting fans down, acting above it all because they were "press..." shitting on the convention because they are "jaded by it all..." I wanted to end this week acknowledging this.

I am very lucky to have a professional badge and I will never take that for granted. I've always dreamt of going up until 2008, when I went for the first time. It's awesome here. It really is.

Everybody gets meet wonderful, unique people, and it's just five days of dreams coming to life right in front of you.

As one eighteen year old kid put it to me while Callie and I were eating ice cream yet again at the Django Unchained booth offsite, "I've always wanted to go here and it surpassed everything I ever thought it could be."

I agree with that. Year after year.

So come on down. Try to get a badge. Join the Craziness and the fun and just try it out. It's the way the world should be all the time and it's sad that it's not.

Oh, and those three assholes riding with me did give me an idea for a new sitcom, "TWO EUNUCHS AND THE ANDROGYNOUS GIRL WHO TOYS WITH THEIR EMOTIONS."

I think it could be a hit. Maybe last nine seasons. And who knows?

Maybe I'll debut some footage at Comic Con next year.

Thank you all! I'll be back next year for sure...because I aint paying for it, so hey! Why the fuck not right?

Until then, check out my plays over the next year, and make sure to come see MURDER UNIVERSITY at it's premiere at Cinemaworld in Lincoln RI Sunday August 5, 2012 at 7pm and 9pm! Buy your tickets!! See you all soon!!!

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