Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy 4 Cult Brings Stay Puft Back To NYC

Art: Tony Nunes checks in on Dreaming Genius' favorite Art gallery, Gallery 1988 as they host their first ever Crazy 4 Cult show in NYC.

It's my favorite time of year. Each year, after the guts and glory of Hollywood's nerdy fandom pandering at Comic Con comes the greatest, and most original pop-art event for film geeks like me; Crazy 4 Cult. This year, nearly 200 artists have participated in the show with works inspired by cult films running the gamut from "Alien," "Back to the Future," and "Donnie Darko" to "Scott Pilgrim," "Twin Peaks" and "Willy Wonka." Normally held at 1988's LA gallery, this years show has been moved to the East Coast in a pop-up shop at 64 Gansevoort St. in NYC. Gallery owner Jensen Karp (who we interviewed during last years Crazy 4 Cult show) attributes the temporary change of scenery to a desire "to share this concept with a new coast," but more importantly as tribute to his late father who Karp explains worked so hard for him and "did it in New York."

This is what I love about Gallery 1988 and why I keep covering them here on Dreaming Genius. Karp and the gallery's other members keep the art world fresh and interesting. Gallery 1988 has created a haven for art to be appreciated by new generations of pop-culture devotees and nerds like myself. More importantly though, Gallery 1988 has aided in the development of the careers of some of the most talented new artists out there. Without a gallery like 1988, many of these artists would remain unseen. Its fitting that Jensen has come full circle in realizing his own dreams while fostering and invigorating the dreams of so many others.

This years Crazy 4 Cult show has some of the best art yet. In its sixth year, the show is larger and more popular than ever. You can see some of my favorite pieces in the gallery below and be sure to visit the Gallery's website for a full list of artwork accompanied by the artists and the movies they're pieces are inspired by. Of particular interest to me this year was Clark Orr's lickable wallpaper taken right from the screen of "Willy Wonka" and scented for some unique person to art interaction that literally brings you into the movie. Also don't miss Dave Quiggle's "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" inspired glow-in-the-dark piece and this years show poster by Jason Edmiston celebrating NY with the likes of Robocop, Stay Puft, the Warriors and the King Kong Cab Company. The latter piece will soon have a home on the wall of my office beside Scott Campbell's Crazy 4 Cult 2 poster.

As an East Coaster I hope the success of Gallery 1988's NYC pop-up store will attract some new attention that could make 1988 a permanment fixture in the city. For now I urge you to make the trip and check out Crazy 4 Cult during its run from now until September 1st. 

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