About Us

Man is a genius when he is dreaming”  - Akira Kurosawa
A Dreaming Genius is someone who creates and challenges our world by creating their own through film, television, music, art and writing. 

Founded in March of 2011, Dreaming Genius is a nonprofit transatlantic webzine featuring in-depth coverage from the imagination fueled worlds of mass media.  Our content is all-encompassing and features everything from Movies, TV, Music, Technology, Gaming, Comics, Gonzo Journalism, Travel/Life Columns and Diaries and everything in between in the form of News, Reviews, Editorials, Interviews and Essays.  We also feature original video on Dreaming Genius Television (DGTV) as well as original short films in the DG Cinema.

We aim to be a source of dynamic, informative and entertaining content from the widening perspective of a global arts culture.

Contact Us & Submit Work

We celebrate up-and-coming, indie journalists and reviewers.  If you are interested in contributing reviews, commentary, essays, art or poetry to Dreaming Genius, or have a film, news, announcement, or similar project you would like featured or reviewed on the site, please email us at Tony@dreaminggenius.com. Alternatively, you can Tweet us! 

To ensure standards - and to maintain a substantial readership - editors vet submissions with importance placed on style and originality. 

The views expressed in articles and films belong to the authors and filmmakers and are not necessarily shared by Dreaming Genius or its editors, unless specifically stated or when pieces are authored by editors themselves.

Who Are We?

Tony Nunes (Contributing Editor/Co-founder) - Tony is a screenwriter, author and journalist. Tony graduated with a B.A. in Film Media from the University of Rhode Island in 2006. Aside from Dreaming Genius, Tony is also a freelance writer and reviewer for a number of magazines, newspapers and online outlets including Fangoria Magazine

To contact Tony for inquiries and freelance work, send him an email.  You can also follow him on Twitter.

Brandon Kirby (Movie News / Reviews) - Brandon is a journalism senior at Michigan State University with a minor in film studies. He's currently an intern with Capital Area Women's LifeStyle Magazine in Lansing, Michigan and contributes movie reviews and news for Dreaming Genius and his site A Place For Reviews

You can email him or follow him on Twitter.

Steven Maclean (Editor-at-large) - Steven is a freelance journalist and blogger from the UK who writes about politics, film and culture, with much of his writing influenced by extensive travels in Europe, Asia and South America.  Steven is the founding Editor of The Occupied Times of London.

To contact Steven for freelance work send him an email. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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